Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer and Protect Yourself from Coronavirus


Properly scrubbing your hands is one of the simplest ways to prevent the spread of germs and viruses, and to make sure you don’t get sick yourself. But if you do not have access to soap and clean water, or if you’re out and about and nowhere near a sink, you ought to carry hand sanitizer to guard your health.

As you’re no doubt aware, bottles of hand sanitizer are selling out quickly right now due to the coronavirus pandemic. But don’t be too much worried though, making your own hand sanitizer is remarkably easy. You just need to take care you do not mess it up. Make sure that the tools you employ for mixing are properly sanitized; otherwise, you’ll contaminate the entire thing. In this article, we will tell you how to safely make your own hand sanitizer at home and protect yourself from coronavirus.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Make Own Hand Sanitizer


* Isopropyl alcohol

* Glycerol or glycerin


* Hydrogen peroxide

* Distilled water

* Spray bottle

how to make hand sanitizer gel

How to Make This

You have to mix 12 fluid ounces of alcohol with 2 teaspoons of glycerol. You can buy jugs of glycerol online, and it’s a crucial ingredient because it keeps the alcohol from drying out your hands. If you cannot find glycerol, proceed with the remainder of the recipe anyway and just remember to moisturize your hands after applying the sanitizer.


Mix in 1 tablespoon of peroxide, then 3 fluid ounces of distilled or boiled (then cooled) water. (If you’re working with a lower-concentration solution of lotion, use far less water; remember, a minimum of ¾ of your final mixture has got to be alcohol.)

Load the solution into spray bottles. You can wet a towel with it additionally and use that as a wipe.

Handwashing Vs Hand Sanitizer

Although many homes and businesses keep large pump bottles of hand sanitizers readily available, it’s best to think of hand sanitizer as a portable alternative when a sink and soap aren’t accessible. This is because viruses are most effectively killed and removed from hands with soap and water. The gold standard for maintaining hand hygiene is proper and consistent washing of the hands. And that is due to the fact that soap and water are simply more thorough. Hand sanitizer may kill viruses and certain bacteria, but it doesn’t ‘clean’ your hands as soap and water do. Sanitizer doesn’t remove actual dirt and debris. Soap kills germs, binds them, and helps physically remove them, with the water, off your skin and down the drain.

Coronavirus Tips

Whether you’re stocked informed hand sanitizer or not, the CDC recommends that you:


* Wash Your Hands Regularly

Again, nothing beats washing your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds with soap and water. Hand sanitizer, even the important, professionally made stuff, should be used when you’re traveling or unable to scrub your hands.

* Stay at Home

Don’t leave the house apart from essential trips outside like trips to the grocery or to ascertain your doctor. This is also called sheltering in place.


* Occupy Least 6 Feet Faraway from Other People

This is called social distancing. Keeping your distance makes it hard for the virus to leap from somebody else to you (or vice versa) through respiratory droplets.

* Wear a cloth mask outside the house: The government now recommends everyone wear cloth face coverings when out in public where you’ll be near people. Kids under 2 years old shouldn’t wear a mask, nor should anyone who has difficulty breathing or taking it off. Do not buy or hoard medical-grade masks, such as N95 masks and that is because there is a huge shortage within the medical community as well as worldwide, and always remember that the masks are needed by health care professionals first, as they are out there dealing first hand with the pandemic and the people affected by it.

* Avoid Touching Your Face


According to doctors, you could transmit the virus from your hands into your mouth, so avoid touching your face unless your hand is clean.

* Clean and Disinfect Frequently Touched Surfaces

Do it daily, especially if items or people leave or enter your home.

The pandemic that we are facing right now in the form of the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for all of us, especially since almost all of us are facing something like this for the first time. Remember that following these simple tips will ensure that you can save yourself and your loved ones from getting infected. Stay safe.